The Start Of My Journey

I came with what now seems what closed understanding of Drama due to previews introduction to the industry. However being here has shown me a wider perspective on theatre as an actor. I mean it’s only been 4 weeks and I’ve realised the drastic transformation not only as an actor but as a person. In my mind I thought that you need have  lighting, props and sound to ‘make’ a performance, which is the normality in theatre I believe. It’s like being born yesterday and trying to feed me potatoes, with that being said this has helped me to adapt and understand.

A question I asked myself was what made theatre so inevitable. What human instincts made theatre necessary to experience to our very existing?   Going back to the start, thousand and thousand and thousand of years ago, all the way to Greek Theatre. Where story telling has been the foundation of theatre.  you’re probably now thinking why I have brought this up. Well the reason being is because this relates to the empty space project. The fact there’s no lights, probs or design on stage but just our physical bodies on stage. I believe this is really important for the emotional memory, to understand situations for social change and for teaching, because we are the future you see. In addition it also shows the roughness of theatre as in we wont get distracted by all the lighting and sound but actually focus on the play.

I was very excited for today workshop as I’ve done a workshop like this before in my old college but never thought of using it in my actual performance. This is when Glen spoke about the word simulate. It’s fine to play games, exercises and practices but how can I actually use that exercise into my actual performance. So what I’ve done in the past was I would do the exercise but never simulate the work into my actual performance. I can do it but I can’t simulate it. So the workshop should be a professional development unit where we do it and try and think on how can turn those skills, techniques, ideas into our own practises and not to turn it into strange session. This word has stuck with me since as I truly believe that this is true. This will improve my knowledge on stage and off stage as an actor and a creator.




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