Empty Space

5 min Performance

Today was the day where all groups had to show they had prepared on the task we was given by Glen. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that felt nervous but also excited to perform in front of our piers. The reason being it felt like the real thing because our group invested so much time in our piece. In addition every group was given feedback on their performance. The main couple of things we were looking for was the use of voice, creativity, techniques, and giving constructive criticism. Before we performed our piece we watched some of the other groups first and one thing I had picked on was people weren’t speaking loud enough, because we haven’t got a camera lens under your nose with a booth mic above you on a stick and this would cause the audience to lose bits of the text and most importantly lose focus and that’s your whole performance down the drain. In terms of your own work this is one of the biggest gear shifts for myself to find a place in my voice of colour and texture of delivery and not down there with camera place. When it came to our group, we got given good feedback the fact they liked our movement and transition which was nice to hear but they did gave us stuff to improve, for instance the formation we had the sandman could’ve been more fluent. Additionally it was under cutting, well there’s nothing wrong with making your own contemporary version but don’t go away from the original story. Even though we were complimented on our transitions we also got told we had to be careful and that there aren’t too many of them because it becomes too formal particularly when we had the line ups for beds, because we got in the line physically and then we went down , or when we did the walking circle to symbolise a clock and those things can become impressive in a piece but sometimes you can afford some of them but we actually need explore the space in term of its depth  and its shape rather than moving into centre, articulation like the circle we formed, and this is accentuated that there’s six of us. Including that we used a line up in the beginning of our piece and in the middle of the performance can become a bit repetitive. Now we’ve been giving our assessment and got told to carry on with same piece. We now know what to works and what we can improve on.


We gathered in the mini dome to rehearse and basically figuring out what’s happening in the next scene and the one after that. However we couldn’t decide this because we haven’t read the script. We started all off reading each page but came to conclusion reading the whole script will become draining for the brain and lose major key point in the text. So we decided as theatre company to read the whole script at home and on Monday we all now the story line better and are able to give more ideas. We then all agreed to carry on from where left of and tweaked some off the things for example we decided to have the beds more diagonal (why). But we then started working the next scene and I came up with the Idea of having a 3rd narrator on stage  the reason being is because ” It’s Traditional – Once upon a time there was a… Most of the stories we were told as children were created in a third person point of view. There was a narrator and he/she told the story” (I got this source from:http://ingridsundberg.com/2011/03/31/five-advantages-of-third-person-omniscient-pov/).Therefore it seems very natural to hear a story told in the third person. It harkens back to our deepest concepts of storytelling. Whilst the narrator starts talking I had the idea of everyone freezing. Me and Katie thought it was a great idea because it makes the text more powerful as there’s only one focus point. This results to breaking that fourth wall at times, as this becomes a very powerful tool to address an situation and really relate with audience. As they are watching our performance they can easily understand what’s happening and also makes them feel powerful as the know what’s going on but actors on stage don’t.

Today tuesday 30th of November  our group decided to meet each other in the Dome at 10:00 am, this would give us enough time to rehearse before class starts. Not going to lie we had a slow start yesterday as I felt we we’rent productive and got distracted and lost focus. I don’t see this as bad thing but hopefully wont turn into a habit. The reason for might of been because there was a lot of frustration in the group, the fact we had a member missing but people also disagreeing with each other which can lead to serious arguments and fall outs. As I and Megan had a little falling out on an idea, which is completely fine because we’re both artist and both are very creative. But most importantly is being able to accept peoples ideas and trying compromise with each other because at the end of the day,  this is group assignment. This can affect the grades of others in our group. I believe this was a learning curve, as I know how to work in a group and not dictate and listen to others. Anyway back to today’s rehearsals we discussed what we needed to do for us to  move onto the next scene. As Glenn told us we needed to get a whole draft done on Thursdays. I recon the whole  group was a bit stressed out including me as haven’t blocked all the scenes. It was time to put our heads into action and get up on our feet and start reenacting the next few scenes. As we wrote all 12 major still images, basically a little summary that explains what happens in each scene in our own words.We then carried on with our lifts making sure its done safe but also we also moved everything diagonal because most scene were very much just centre stage or the audience couldn’t see the full as were blocking others in the scene. So we adjusted a lot minor problems. Fast forward we worked so hard we almost got to the end off our play, which was quite a big achievement, as we had bad start yesterday. This shows how sometimes you can have fall outs and disagreements but other days you can work really well as an ensemble and come out with some great ideas!




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